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Our remit from the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) covers two big areas

a) Continuation and Improvement of external quality assurance

"The contract with the Federal Joint Committee includes the continuation and further development of the current system of external quality assurance in hospitals (including external comparisons and benchmarking), which started some years ago. In 2010 for example, hospitals documented the quality of care for 30 clinical areas. 

Hospitals provide the corresponding agencies on a regional ("Länder") level with information, which then hand it to AQUA. Only for very specialized procedures (such as transplant medicine, for example) does the information go directly to the AQUA Institute."

b) Development of new cross-sectoral modules

The AQUA-Institute explores uncharted territory with cross-sectoral quality assurance. There is no precedent worldwide.

This comprises the following core responsibilities:

  1. Measuring and presenting the quality of care for existing procedures and, as far as possible, cross-sector development of coordinated indicators and instruments for the preparation of new procedures.
  2. Development of the necessary documentation for cross-institutional quality assurance, taking into consideration the principle of data economy (minimal burden).
  3. Participation in implementation of cross-institutional quality assurance and, if necessary, inclusion of other relevant hospitals.
  4. Publication of the results of the quality assurance measures in an appropriate manner and in a form comprehensible to the public.